with Chris Inperspective Ep 43

15th July 2021

With more than two decades of experience as a music producer and DJ, Chris Inperspective, our latest guest for this episode of Metralla Rosa, is the founder of Inperspective Records, Eloisa Records and Black Junglist Alliance. Thanks to his (more…)

with Adele Brydges

Ep 42

1st July 2021

Adele Brydges’ ceramic creations sit perfectly and harmoniously at the crossroads between More

with Sue Dray

Ep 41

15th June 2021

For more than forty years, Sue Dray has been communicating with her More

con Luzmira Zerpa

Ep 40

2nd June 2021

No cualquiera puede darse el lujo de tener un oido musical y More

with Susan Diamond

Ep 39

15th May 2021

Visions of perfectly proportioned giant women, sitting amongst skyscrapers with red nails More

with Gaël Le Cornec

Ep 38

1st May 2021

To sit in front of a young woman, full of energy and More

with Cal Jader

Ep 37

15th April 2021

Latin American music owes a large part of its diffusion, promotion and More

con Jael de la Luz

Ep 36

1st April 2021

Historiadora, escritora, editora, feminista interseccional, activista cultural y pentecostal disidente, Jael es More

con Enriqueta Ahrensburg

Ep 35

15th March 2021

Enriqueta Ahrensburg es la cabal personificación del artista que existe inmerso en More

with Carl Randall

Ep 34

1st March 2021

Carl Randall is an artist who dedicated an important part of his More

with Frank Gambino

Ep 33

15th February 2021

Known across London – and now the world, thanks to the rise More

con Gorka Cortázar

Ep 32

1st February 2021

Para nadie es un secreto que el mundo de las artes se More

con Eliane Correa

Ep 31

15th January 2021

Eliane es una super estrella de la escena musical de la ciudad More

with Zeke Apollyon

Ep 30

1st January 2021

As the new year begins, it would appear that it is presenting More

con J Mom Coco

Ep 29

15th December 2020

Llegando al final de un año en el que la vida nocturna More

with Yurim Gough

Ep 28

1st December 2020

By the age of 30, Yurim Gough had had an intense and More

con Karlina Veras

Ep 27

1st November 2020

La joven escritora dominicana Karlina Veras, es sobre todo reconocida por su More

with Frederic Aranda

Ep 26

15th October 2020

Frederic Aranda, this episode’s fabulous guest, is a photographer who has perfected More

con Renata Fernández

Ep 25

1st October 2020

Es como resultado de una compleja concatenación de influencias e inspiraciones que More

with Natacha Marro

Ep 24

15th September 2020

Jumping feet first into a world of fantasy is precisely what the More

with Tonderai Munyevu

Ep 23

1st September 2020

Tonderai is, in addition to being a writer, director and actor, someone More

con Ektor Rodriguez

Ep 22

15th August 2020

Conversar con Ektor Rodriguez acerca del surgimiento de su marca de sobrevivencia More

con Lya Reis Guerrero

Ep 21

1st August 2020

Este episodio es una oda a la acción, y a las infinitas More

with Bronwen Murphy

Ep 20

15th July 2020

Independent, warm, receptive and open to experiencing life from a positive and More

with Armando Alemdar Ara

Ep 19

1st July 2020

Artists such as Armando Alemdar represent the archetype of the irreplaceable and More

con Efren Prieto

Ep 18

15th June 2020

Efren Prieto es un comunicador social con vasta experiencia en medios, que More

with Tabish Khan

Ep 17

1st June 2020

Being an Art Critic is a relatively recent profession, linked primarily to More

with Rob Goodwin

Ep 16

15th May 2020

Rob Goodwin is an extraordinary artist and a fantastic example of what More

con Teresa Guanique

Ep 15

1st May 2020

Teresa Guanique, la protagonista de este episodio de Metralla Rosa, es una More

with Iluá Hauck da Silva

Ep 14

15th April 2020

Born in Campinas, Brazil, Iluá lives and creates her works in London, More

with Trisha Goddard

Ep 13

1st April 2020

Trisha Goddard is a queen and legend of international TV

with Dulcie Ball

Ep 12

15th March 2020

As Dulcie Ball of Sketch Appeal chats to Carla Tofano, she is More

with Antonio Branco & Riccardo T

Ep 11

1st March 2020

Antonio Branco and Riccardo T are a pair of artists who explore More

with Olly Smith

Ep 10

15th February 2020

In this episode of Metralla Rosa, Carla has the great honour of More

con Itziar Bilbao Urrutia

Ep 09

1st February 2020

Artista, activista, feminista, pornografa, dominatrix, Melusina moderna y hechicera, Itziar Bilbao Urrutia More

with Nick Cuthell

Ep 08

15th January 2020

In this episode, Carla Tofano chats to Nick Cuthell, a figurative artist More

con Giuseppe Claudio Insalaco

Ep 07

1st January 2020

In questo episodio di Metralla Rosa, Carla Tofano ha il piacere di More

con Silvia Demetilla

Ep 06

1st January 2020

Emprendedora, empresaria, soñadora y visionaria, Silvia Demetilla es una mujer que transmite More

con Gledys Ibarra

Ep 05

15th December 2019

Gledys Ibarra no es una actriz: Gledys es la encarnación de la More

con Gabriel Moreno

Ep 04

1st December 2019

Músico, cantautor, poeta, animal de la vida bohemia y emprendedor de la More

with Oliver Gingrich

Ep 03

15th November 2019

With a keen interest in the emerging and almost omnipresent communion that More

con Rosso Emerald Crimson

Ep 02

15th November 2019

Avremmo potuto fare questa intervista in inglese, dopo tutto Rosso vive a More

con Daniela Galán L

Ep 01 (pilot)

15th November 2019

Daniela Galán ha desarrollado en Londres una carrera llena de apuestas relevantes. More

Tarot Reading With Itziar


19th September 2019

Nos aproximamos al estreno de Metralla Rosa (en noviembre de 2019) y More

Coming Soon

29th August 2019

Coming soon – The reinvention of my first ever column, Metralla Rosa. When More